2 Fall Precaution Tips For Taking Care Of Your Elderly Parent At Home


If you have recently taken in your elderly parent after they suffered a fall, you may be worried about them falling again in your home. If so, use the following tips to help prevent falls and keep your parent safe while you are taking care of them.

Have A "Before You Leave The Room" Checklist

Since a lot of falls happen when an elderly person reaches for or gets up to retrieve something they need, you want to make sure they have everything in reach before you leave the room. To make sure this happens, create a checklist of anything they may need while you are on an outing, in another part of the house, or sleeping at night.

For example, your checklist may include something to drink, the remote control, and a book or magazine. You may also want to put a bell near them that they can ring in case they need something and are not in the room. You can place all of these items on a bedside table, or request a hospital table to be delivered by a home care agency.

Once you know what your loved one will typically need, write or print it out on a piece of paper, and hang it near their bedside. If they also have a favorite chair in which they sit during the day, pin a copy near the chair. This checklist can be used by all members of your household, as well as any in-home health care workers.

Create A Check-In Schedule For Your Household

If you have several members in your household, such as your partner and older children, you can enlist their help in checking in on your parent to make sure they are safe and their needs are met. You can do this by creating a schedule to check in on your elderly parent throughout the day or night.

Sit down with your family with a daily planner sheet, and ask what times they wish to take. For nights, you could alternate either one person a night, or divide up each night into shifts to allow everyone to have adequate sleep.

Using the above fall precaution tips can help you reduce the risk of your parent falling while in your home. However, if you have any additional questions or need extra help taking care of them, you may want to contact an agency that specializes in elderly home care, such as Supportive Personal Care Services, LLC, to discuss your unique situation, as well as any options available to you.


9 February 2017

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