Letting Go Of Mom: 3 Tips To Adjust Now That Your Aging Parent Has Moved To Assisted Living


Family caregiving may be full of challenges, but you also enjoyed spending long hours with your aging parent. Now, however, they have decided to move to an assisted living facility, and you are left trying to figure out how to use all your newfound time. While it is normal to feel many emotions such as guilt and even a sense of loss after your loved one makes a change in their care plan, it is also important to celebrate their move toward more independence. As you adjust to your parent's new living decision, use these tips to help retain the bond you formed while you were providing them with care.

Attend Social Events

Senior living communities take advantage of the outgoing nature of this generation to plan fun events that allow everyone to get involved. Many of these events also include invites to family members so that they can mingle with their loved one's new friends. Find out in advance what upcoming events are on the calendar, and make plans to attend as many as you can. From holiday dinners to family game nights, seeing your parent having fun with their friends will reassure you that their move was for the best.

Set Up Chat Dates

When you provided them with home care, you knew exactly what was happening every day. Now, it just feels strange not to know what your parent ate for lunch. While you know that they are eating well in their new home, just hearing your parent's voice can make you feel comforted that all is still well. Stay connected by planning to talk to your parent at a certain time each day or on specific days of the week so that you don't miss them while they are out socializing with their new friends.

Help Spruce Up Their Home

You might think you are too old to put a picture on your parent's refrigerator, but you're not. Seniors love having a few personal mementos to show off to their friends in assisted living. So bring over a few family photographs to hang on the wall, or make your loved one a personalized wall calendar that is filled with fun memories. This way, they will have a reminder of your love even when you are away.

When you went off to college or started a family, your loved one learned that sometimes loving means letting go. Now, it's your turn, and it's hard. By focusing on the positive side of your loved one seeking more independence, you can let go of your caregiving role while knowing that they are excited about their new stage in life. For more advice on tackling this new event in your family, contact a company like Cedar Village.


15 February 2017

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