An Assisted Living Facility Might Be The Right Fit For Your Elderly Loved One


Making the decision of moving a family member or a dear friend into an assisted living facility may turn out to be a very good decision. Maybe you've lately noticed behavioral changes in your dear loved one. Elderly people who live alone may gradually become lonely or depressed. Locked in their homes, they have no social outlets and boredom causes them to become reclusive. Personal care becomes shabby as some seniors fade away into a twilight zone. Proper diets are ignored. An assisted living facility can fill the void in their lives and be the right fit with a slew of activities in a caring environment, but you must give consideration to what it costs to live there.

Learn What Facilities Cost

An assisted living facility could cost up to $50,000 annually or less than $10,000 a year. The higher cost facilities will generally include a number of special amenities. Average monthly rates stand at approximately $1,800, but that figure may be more or less depending upon optional amenities. Visit a facility to get answers. Compare what you conceive to be an affordable cost, and make sure the organization offers the services your family member will require. Confirm that the facility is approved by the state you live in. Also inquire about how the staff is trained. Be very observant when you visit the facility. Notice whether the living area space will be appropriate and comfortable for your relative or friend. Question the tour guide about social and spiritual activities.

Move-In Day Arrives

When you've made the decision to move your relative or friend into an assisted living facility, you should make sure the living space is as familiar as possible. Do that by placing photos and other favorite objects in areas that will remind them of their previous home. That kind of familiarity helps to positively adjust the elderly as they acclimate themselves in their new surroundings. So as not to clutter space in the new living space, you should have helped to make decisions about what belongings will be moved to the new facility and what will not be going there. Encourage your loved one about the move.

Encourage Your Loved One To Enjoy New Residence

It may be an emotional move, but once you settle your relative into the residence, take him or her on a tour to visit the various amenities that will be impacting their lives in the assisted living facility. Make it known that there is an outdoor garden area where they can visit and actually sit on benches in the outdoors. Do your part by visiting your relative in the future, since some elderly people feel that they have been shipped off to a facility and never to be remembered anymore.


16 February 2017

Taking Care Of Terminally Ill Loved Ones

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