Specific Times To Arrange Home Care For A Loved One For Companionship


When you hire a home health aide to care for a loved one, you can count on this health professional fulfilling a wide range of duties. While it's customary to hire a health aide when your loved one has trouble with some of the elements related to living independently, you shouldn't discount another service that the aide provides — companionship. In some cases, you may have an elderly family member who is getting by satisfactorily but struggles with being lonely, arranging a visit from a home health aide can provide a good feeling. Here are some specific times at which you may consider scheduling this visit.

Around The Anniversary Of A Spouse's Death

The anniversary of the death of a spouse can be a challenging time for many elderly people, especially if they don't live close to other family members. It's worthwhile to think about scheduling a home health aide to visit your elderly parent around this anniversary. You might not want to book the aide on the anniversary itself, as your parent may prefer to use the day for quiet reflection. However, a visit on the following day may be highly welcome, and your parent could share happy memories of his or her spouse and enjoy hosting a visitor.

Over The Holidays

While it's nice to have an extended family together around the holidays, this isn't always possible. If you have a family member who will be alone at this time of the year, a visit from a home health aide can be pleasant. The duo could play some games, perhaps take a walk, and maybe even watch a holiday movie together. Many aides can also provide basic cooking services for their clients, so you could arrange to have the aide make your loved one a nice dinner.

On A Birthday

No one likes to celebrate a birthday alone, but some elderly people find that this occasion can be a challenge because many of their peers have passed away. If you aren't able to be with a family member on his or her birthday — perhaps you live in a different state and will be visiting on the following weekend, but not on the actual day — it's nice to arrange a visit from a home care worker on the day in question. This way, your loved one will have a companion for the occasion, which can really help to brighten his or her mood.


23 February 2017

Taking Care Of Terminally Ill Loved Ones

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