2 Reasons Why Seniors Prefer In-Home Senior Care


As seniors age, it's common for them to be resigned to living arrangements at senior housing and living communities. Senior living facilities provide a wealth of activities and social opportunities for the seniors that reside there. When you couple these reasons with friendly, helpful, and caring staff, it's no wonder that senior living communities are a popular living arrangement for adults in their later years. Despite these advantages, however, nearly 90% of seniors prefer to stay at home, engaging in a practice known as aging in place. Aging in place has numerous benefits that encourage healthy aging in seniors. For seniors who would like to age in place, stay at home, and be surrounded by friends and family, in-home senior care is a welcome and much-needed alternative to nursing homes and senior communities. Here are two reasons why seniors prefer in-home senior care.

In-Home Senior Care Gives Seniors a Sense of Independence

Moving to an assisted living facility, especially a nursing home, means that a senior must give up a significant amount of freedom and independence. These facilities have strict rules and regulations. Seniors will only have access to a limited range of activities. Their friends and family will also have to adhere to visiting hour restrictions. Restrictions on a senior's daily life and social activities negatively impact the senior's sense of independence. Conversely, receiving in-home care allows seniors to continue setting their schedule, deciding when to eat, sleep, socialize, and go out. Understandably, these freedoms positively impact a senior's sense of independence by offering them the flexibility they need to live life to the fullest.

In-Home Senior Care Reduces Mental Health Risks

Taking away the comfort of home can have a profound negative impact on a senior's mental health. After many years of living in a comfortable and familiar environment, being forced to adjust to a new and unfamiliar environment is stressful at any age. In addition, senior homes are getting more and more overcrowded as later generations enter retirement. Overcrowding can reduce the quality of the care that each senior receives. It can also compromise a senior's sense of privacy and dignity. While there is plenty of staff and other seniors throughout any senior living facility, they are often not an adequate replacement for a senior's friends and family. Feeling trapped in an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar people can lead seniors to experience a dreadful sense of isolation. By providing unfettered access to friends and family, as well as a dedicated caregiver, senior home care services provide seniors with plenty of opportunities for healthy emotional and mental stimulation.


In-home senior care provides seniors with access to freedom, comfort, familiarity, friends, and family. To get started, contact your local senior home care service today!


20 October 2021

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