Tips to Remember before Bringing In Elderly Home Care Assistance for a Loved One


Do you have an older family member that can't quite take care of themselves anymore? If your loved one wants to remain at home instead of moving to a senior living facility, one option for your family might be to look into elderly home care. This kind of move can represent a big lifestyle change though for your loved one and for the rest of the family within the household. Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you and your family.

Talk to Your Loved One's Insurance Provider First

Most insurance policies will cover hospital visits, but elderly home care is a specialized kind of service and you will want to be clear on the insurance details and payment options before you move forward. It's possible that other options like Medicare or Medicaid could come into play depending on your loved one's age or condition. The point is, you can't really set a schedule for how many hours per day you will receive professional assistance until you know how much each of those hours is going to cost your family.

Assess the Amount of Professional Care Needed and How Much Other Family Members Can Help Out

Talk to your loved one about the decision to bring in outside help. If it's still possible for your loved one to retain some independence or be alone at some times, work out what your loved one wants out of the service or make those decisions for them if they are unable. Review your own schedule and that of other family members and decide if anyone else will be stepping up to assist with this situation.

Set a Regular Schedule for the Caregiver and Keep Communication Open With Your Loved One

Consistency can help ease your loved one into this new situation. Set a schedule for the caregiver to show up at the same time every day or the same time on whatever days they are scheduled each week. For example, maybe your loved one needs help getting bathed or dressed in the morning or needs meals made for them throughout the day but then the caregiver can leave after necessary tasks are completed.

Bringing an elderly home care professional into your home to assist an elderly family member can represent a major life change for the whole family. Plan things out from a financial and scheduling perspective to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.


19 September 2022

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