Steps Involved When Removing Mold From Your Home


If your home has mold, it could affect your health, especially if you're allergic to mold. No matter what type of mold you have in your home, it should be removed. You may want a mold removal service to do the work so you don't expose yourself to mold spores while cleaning. A professional is careful not to spread spores through your home while they work and they know how to handle moldy materials properly. Here are steps for removing mold. 

Throw Out What You Can

If there is a lot of mold in your home, you can cut down on the amount of cleaning that's necessary by throwing out what is too difficult to save. Porous items and fabrics may be beyond saving, but the mold removal contractor can advise you on what needs to be thrown away. The contractor has to take care to contain spores when throwing out moldy things, so they may double bag and seal the materials to contain the mold.

Fix The Cause Of The Mold

Mold could grow right back if the humid conditions persist. You may need to have the plumbing repaired or a new roof put on. Mold grows when there is enough moisture in the space and a food source.

Mold can grow and spread fast too. That's why water leaks in your home should be repaired promptly. It's also important to kill mold rather than just wipe it off. The mold and spores need to be eliminated as much as possible to put an end to the mold growth.

Scrub The Hard Surfaces

Once porous items have been removed, the surfaces left behind can be scrubbed down and sanitized. It's important to get the mold off of surfaces that will be painted or the paint might peel. If mold can't be removed from wood, the contractor might cover it with a coating made to seal mold so it won't spread.

Look For Hidden Mold

Only a small part of the mold problem may be visible. There could be much more mold hidden behind wallpaper, under the carpet, or between walls. The contractor will check these areas for hidden mold so it can be removed. When finished, you might need to have new drywall or flooring put in to restore your home.

Use Safety Precautions

If you attempt to clean up any of the mold yourself, be sure to wear a mask and protective clothing. If you hire a mold removal contractor, they will wear protective gear too. This keeps them from breathing in mold spores or getting the spores on their skin and clothing.

Once the mold removal work is done, your home should be free from musty odors and mold. If you're allergic to mold, your symptoms should be much better too with all of the mold out of your house.

Contact a local mold removal service to learn more. 


9 December 2022

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